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Eco and Educational Itinerary Tours in Trinidad & Tobago and The Caribbean

Educational Eco Ground Tours Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean

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Banwari Experience gives you the most exciting and educational eco itinerary ground tours in the beautiful island country of Trinidad & Tobago. We give you the true Caribbean adventure with our carefully planned educational eco itinerary ground tours which highlight the different cultures, nature, and sceneries of Trinidad & Tobago.

Discover the wonders of Trinidad and Tobago with Banwari Experience Limited. Besides educational eco ground tours, we also arrange carnival tour, Steelpan tour, historical tours, cuisine/cultural tours, festival, adventure, hike, garden, bird watching, wildlife and custom-made tours in the Caribbean. Our educational ground eco tours will surely add depth to your itinerary in the Caribbean. Use the drop down menus above to get details of our education eco tours and other ground tours by Name or Type. Add more interesting locations to your itinerary today! There are interesting and exciting educational tours for people of all ages.


We offer all-inclusive destination management services that include media facilitation, incentive packages, hotel accommodation, airline reservation and airport transport. Choose from any of our individual or group Ground Tours and Special Interest Programmes like sporting tours and off-season training camps.

EDUCATIONAL ECO GROUND TOURS to complete your itinerary in Trinidad & Tobago. Don't go on a Caribbean trip without it

Book any of our quality and well-planned Trinidad & Tobago educational eco tours to get an up-close experience of the local environment and the warm and hospitable people of Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. There will never be a dull moment in your itinerary once you join any of our coordinated educational eco trips and other cultural ground tours in the different nature areas of the Trinidad & Tobago islands. This is truly one Caribbean itinerary you should not miss!


Trinidad & Tobago is one of the groups of islands found in the Caribbean. The country has one of the best network of highways and roads connecting all major points in the islands, thus making educational ground tours and sightseeing very easy, convenient, and enjoyable.

For nature lovers thinking of including the Caribbean in their itinerary, you'll be happy to know that Trinidad & Tobago has a moderately warm and bright sunny weather all year round. This makes for a perfect climate to go on educational eco tours and ground tours around the islands.

Banwari Experience has been providing wonderful, fun, and engaging eco ground tours in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean for many years. We have a variety of cultural, eco-nature tours, and adventure trips/treks for people, both locals and tourist, of all ages. We guarantee that there is a perfect tour package that will liven up your itinerary in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.

CAN’T FIND THE EDUCATIONAL TRAVEL PACKAGE YOU WANT FOR YOUR ITINERARY? Need to have a better, more exciting, yet affordable itinerary? We can help you create the perfect itinerary for your Caribbean adventure!

We specialize in customizing, coordinating, and guiding you and your travel companions in various eco and special interest tours in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean including:

  • Ground Eco- and nature tours
  • Educational tours, Historical tours and field trips
  • Steelpan tour, Carnival tour, Cuisine/Cultural tours
  • Bird Watching and Wildlife, street food, nightlife, and other events
  • Special interest ground tours and itineraries
  • cruise ship ground tours
  • excursions, sporting tours and spectator group incentives
  • off-season training camps.

MORE ABOUT TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, and the Beautiful Caribbean Experience for your itinerary

Dreaming of enjoying the warm sun and palm trees of the Caribbean? Wondering how you can get to the beautiful islands of Trinidad & Tobago? Here are a few important country facts and travel tips that could help you gain more insights in planning your eco trips and ground tour itinerary:


Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago can easily get there by sea or by air and experience educational tours in the islands. The country is located in the most southern part/area of the Caribbean. It has a distance of seven miles off the North Eastern coast of Venezuela. If you are coming from Miami, Florida, Trinidad & Tobago is just a 3-hour and 19-minute flight away. From New York, you only have to spend 4 and a half hours on the plane and from Caracas, you only need 58 minutes to reach the warm and bright landscapes and seascapes of Trinidad & Tobago.


English is the official language of Trinidad & Tobago. Some areas also use Spanish and French patois. Hindu and Chinese are also spoken at some parts of the island population usually because of culture and heritage.

Trinidad & Tobago uses dollar as the currency. You can also use U.S. dollar that has an appropriate rate pegged at TT $6 to US $1. You can also use Euros and British Pounds. International credit cards and traveler’s cheques are also accepted. You will not have problems finding an ATM machine especially at areas such as the airport, malls, banks, cities, and bigger towns.


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