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Banwari is an all inclusive Destination management company providing authentic Trinidad and Tobago experiences in a safe and comfortable environment. We provide the following: Incentive packages, Hotel and Airline reservations, Airport pickups and Ground Transfers, General tours and Special Interest Programmes, Eco and Nature Tours, Cultural and Festival Tours, Educational Tours, Field trips and Tailor–made itineraries.

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After Dark Tour

So you had a fun-filled day. The sun has set, what now? You have a choice. You can enjoy a ‘boil corn’ or a roti by the roadside. Immerse yourself in Trinidad’s diverse cultural background with festivals throughout the year. Depending on the season, you can witness Pan Ramajay (Steelband Orchestras), Emancipation, Divali the Hindu Festival of Lights, Hosay, a Muslim festival, Parang at Christmas; Village Festivals or Local Theatre. You can also visit the steel pan in its home – the panyard. Watch players practice; or even play your own composition on this wonderful musical instrument.

Asa Wright Plus

This adventure takes you along the East-West Corridor to Arima where you may see some of the Amerindian descendants of our first peoples. We then visit the Asa Wright Nature Centre, a protected reserve with the widest array of birds, flora and fauna in the Caribbean. The centre was the first wild life centre created in the West Indies and still is the envy of all created since. Should you choose, a cool dip in the clear Water pool will if not preserve your youth, invigorate you for the day. Have lunch at the facility, hike the trails or just rest and relax.

Carmel Estate

We make our way to Maraval, once considered a prize for the early French settlers to the island. This property, sited on the northern fringes of the St Andrews Golf Course, holds the last active cocoa estate in Maraval. Here we’ll be given a tour of the estate which includes an introduction to cocoa cultivation and preparation, rabbit farming and Carmel Honey, which has won the London International Honey Show in 1998 and 1999 and the Trinidad Honey Show in 2004. Take a splash of refreshing mountain water on your face before we make our way to the main house. Here we’ll conclude with a taste of local cocoa tea (chocolate), a bit of cake and fresh juices.

Caroni Swamp

Caroni Swamp is a wild life reserve in Central Trinidad. It is home for a diverse range of animals. From our little river launch, you can view anteaters, caymans, snakes, cranes, or one of the many migratory birds. The highlight of this tour is our National Bird, the Scarlet Ibis. This Swamp is one of a few places it makes its home. We now offer the added pleasure of silently kayaking through this beautiful waterway

City Tour

We begin with an excursion through the new city, downtown Port of Spain. Trinidad boasts of having everything anyone else has in the world, twin and leaning towers, a myriad of races and much more. We'll then see the seat of our Parliament, the Red House, and find out about the secret of its colour. The Queen’s Park Savannah and its turn of the 20th century colonial homes, in the Magnificent seven are next. We'll discover some of the secrets of the Savannah including the fact that the Graf Zeppelin and other aircrafts made it there landing strip in the early 1900s.

We then make our way through the old city with visits to the old slave settlements of Free Town, now known as Belmont. In this area, we'll see the original homes of Kwame Ture (Stockley Carmichael) the architect of the Black Power movement around the world and Maycock, the first Free Slave to own land in the area. We'll also get the history of Observatory Street and the first line of Longitude established in the western hemisphere. We will also indulge in a bit of Steelpan and Carnival history.

Crusoe's Getaway (A day in Tobago)

An early morning flight takes us to the serene sister isle of Tobago. We make visits to Mt Irvine, Plymouth, Mason Hall, and Fort King George. These visits give us just 'ah lil bit' of what she offers. We then stop for a local lunch of Curried Crabs and dumplings or some other exotic Tobago food. We then board a glass bottomed boat ride to the Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool and the Coral Gardens. Here you’ll be provided with snorkels and foot wear to discover yet another of our treasures. These fertile Caribbean waters provide a diverse array of fish and marine life especially for your viewing.

East Indian Experience

Christopher Columbus sailed west in search of the East Indies, discovering that he had made a wonderful error. You can chart the same course and encounter a fabulous Indian cultural experience. Have a taste of lightly or heavily spiced food as only ‘Trini’Indians can prepare it: Roti, Phoulori, curried Duck and more. Take part in the Tassa drumming, Chutney singing when available. See the architecture of the Temples, and Mosques. 'Trindians' while keeping ties with the motherland, offer a cultural package not seen elsewhere.

Jewels of Nature

We take a drive east of Port of Spain to one of the most scenic and fertile valleys in the north of the island. We drive into the Caura forest for a visit to Jewels of Nature Centre. At this centre the 2 sons of the legendary Ja Jah Onilu make musical instruments out of natural products. Here they will teach us to make our own natural instruments with live demonstrations in playing them. Our group would be divided so that several instruments can be made simultaneously. We then come together under the astute conductorship of Ba Ba and Modupe have our own little jam. Our tour would be concluded with a concert by the Jewels of Nature Band.

North Coast Hop and Beach Stop

Venture along the mountainous, picturesque North Coast Road through sleepy villages while viewing an abundance of flora and Fauna. Traverse cocoa estates and when in season, taste the cocoa from which the world's finest chocolate comes. Then retreat to Maracas Bay for a bit of sea, sun and sand and a sampling of our world famous Maracas Bake and Shark.

Return to Iere; Tour to Yerrette

The Crossing Santa Cruz to Maracas Hike

The crack of dawn meets us in the heart of the Santa Cruz valley. From here we will make our seven mile trek through the hills of the Northern Range. This trip exposes us to a wide array of flora and fauna. As we trek through we will be serenaded by a host of birds including coo coos, tanagers, manikins, toucans and much more. As we approach the summit we are greeted by the ever present alarm; the call of the illusive bearded bell bird. We can spend a few minutes searching for its perch. Our decent is just as spectacular as we can now view the ocean through windows in the foliage. The reward for your overall endeavour will be the beautiful palm laden maracas bay with a lunch of Richard's Bake and Shark and a cooler of cold beverages. At the end of the day, our coach will be on hand to take you back to your hotel.

The Northern Circle

This adventure US takes to Arima where we may see some of the decedents of our first peoples. We then drive into the northern range with its wide array of birds, flora and fauna.You then have the opportunity to visit with Dora as she takes you through the steps of making your own coffee and sharing a taste of the delightful brew. We continue our drive for a stop for lunch in a cedar cabin with a gracious host couple in Neil and Germaine. We then take a short hike to the breathtaking Marianne waterfall. Here we'll enjoy a dip in the cool refreshing mountain stream or just relax with nature. We'll continue our tour to and along the North Coast of the island to Maracas Bay, the most popular beach on the island. Here we'll have a dip in the sea and a taste of our world famous Richard's Bake and Shark (credited as the best fish sandwich in the world by Andrew Zimman of Bizzare Foods) as an evening snack. We'll then complete the circle by making our way back to Port of Spain.

Wonder of World (Pitch Lake Tour)

We travel south for our first stop at the San Fernando Hill. Called Anaparima by the Native Indians, this was both a religious and pilgrimage site for the natives, attracting visits from as far as South and Central America. A local lunch stop is then made at the Gulf City shopping mall. We then continue south for a stop at Pepper corner to sample hot sauces and other preserved delicacies. Our main stop is the ‘Wonder of the World', the Pitch Lake,the largest asphalt lake of its kind. Here we will hear the history and myths of the lake and can also have a quick dip in the therapeutic sulfur ponds.

Tobago Buccoo Reef

Our tour departure takes you to Store Bay from where a world of beauty awaits. Aboard a glass-bottomed boat, you’ll take a fish’s eye view of the Coral Gardens, alight to snorkel in the world famous Bucco Reef and take a rejuvenating dip in the Nylon Pool. This trip welcomes you to crystal clear waters and a wondrous array of aquatic life. The tour concludes with a Rum Punch Party and barbecue at No Man’s Land. This tour is also available without the rum punch party

Tobago Windward Wonders and Jeep Safari

Tour the exciting and enchanting Atlantic Coast of Tobago. Visit the waterfalls and rivers, the many craft stalls, the 'ole time parlours' (small shops) for a mauby and rock cake. We then be treated to a real Tobago lunch. After our meal and relaxation, we'll make our return journey with visits to historical sites and more.

Tobago Scarborough Plus

Feel the pulse of the people on our Scarborough tour. Visit the market place where you can sample fresh fruit or a local delicacy. We then travel back in time to our colourful war history with a visit to Fort King George. From this vantage point we can get a panoramic view the city and the south eastern side of the island. We’ll also visit the museum and see some of the other secrets of this, the old prize of Europe.

Tobago Rainforest Adventure

The world’s first protected forest reserve was established here, in the 18th century. The pristine beauty that is the Bloody Bay Rain Forest, has been groomed for your visit. See a wide variety of birds and unique plants to the area. An array of nature trails would take us deep into this small but breathtaking paradise. Our qualified field naturalist will take you every hiking step of the way.

Tobago Charlotteville the Pirates Place

Ahoy mates, grab your sabre, musket and most of all, your camera and let's run away to Pirates' Bay. Our trip takes us along the windward coast through a mix of sleepy and exciting towns with a mix of British and European names such as Mount St George, Delaford and LoiusD'or. This tour is a photographer's dream with beautiful people and breath-taking scenery. The highlight of this trip is the picturesque fishing village of Charlotteville. With its beautiful natural harbour, it is no wonder that explorers, adventurers and pirates alike were all attracted to this area. We'll stop for a short dip in the sea, meet and mingle with the villagers before having lunch in the village. After our sumptuous meal and some relaxation, we'll make our return journey.

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